The Growing Need for Extruded Aluminum Products

The past few decades have seen a remarkable increase in the need and use of extruded aluminum manufacturing and production. The reason for this is that the demand for such products has been growing at a steady rate. A lot of firms are engaging in aluminum extrusion processes. They believe that the strategic metal is loaded with many indispensable benefits that can be used in both engineering and architectural procedures.

aluminum cans

In most cases, aluminum extrusion is a part of production routines. It is used to create many homogeneous cross sections efficiently. There are a variety of extrusion processes including the famous 80 20 extrusion manufacturing process. It comprises of many sub-stages that should be handled with care. That is why aluminum extruders are professionals, who have spent several years in the industry. There are so many benefits in using Aluminum as compared to other metals such as steel. It is a lighter metal and one that is being used by many new industries such as the car and space industry. Anyone who wishes to have lighter stronger material usually turns to aluminum as the metal of choice.

How is Aluminum Extruded?

aluminum manufacturingIn general, aluminum extrusion is the process of giving the metal shapes, forms, and profiles. The entire routine begins with a hot cylindrical billet of the metal. The metal is carefully pushed through a die that is neatly shaped. The billet is obtained from huge DC cast logs that are pre-heated at 450 to 500 degrees centigrade. As the metal gets pushed through the steel die, it starts to flow smoothly! The die is often positioned at the container’s other end. Once the log passes through the section, you can cut it into different shapes. These shapes can be short, long, fat or thin! To be more precise, the sections can be neatly customized to suit your requirements. For example, some industries require thin sheets of aluminum. In such scenarios, the metal is mold into thin, long sheets. Once again, the final shape and form depend on the supplier’s actual needs.

The Very Many Needs

Aluminium is used in many industries. Some of the most common industries include building, aerospace, and automobile. Any industry that uses door frames, prefabricated building structures, fine-tuned houses, curtain walling and exterior cladding should extrude aluminum at some point of time. Apart from these prominent industries, aluminum extrusion is a part of the transportation and telecommunication industry. For example, airframes, marine tools, and rail vehicles are formed as a result of aluminum extrusions.

The strategic process is extremely famous because it is flexible and versatile. You can convert the metal into many forms and shapes effortlessly. Also, aluminum is highly resistant to magnetic fields and temperature. This is why complicated utilities and utensils are made of aluminum!