The Biohazard Risks in Hoarding Cleanup and The Best Way To Neutralize Them

A hoarder’s house is an enigma. You don’t know how someone can live with so much junk and clutter that it affects his or her normal living as a human. One thing you are sure about is that such a person needs help. He needs help to get back on the track of normal life with ordinary possessions like everybody else. One way to assist him on this journey is to get professional Ottawa hoarding cleaning service that will clear the house and all the hazards therein. A hoarder’s house poses various risks to all those who go in there to clear the clutter. The fact that things have been hoarded for a long time means that some have deteriorated and some are in the process of rotting or decomposing. The hazards are real from fire hazards, injuries from falling objects, vermin and most importantly, biohazards. The most common biohazards are the following.


Blood and bodily fluids

This is one of the most dangerous media of killer pathogens that we have. The people entering the hoarder’s home need to be prepared for anything and that includes such hazards. They should be protected properly to make sure no contact happens with the hoarder’s bodily fluids. It could come from medical equipment like needles and bandages. A good hoarding cleaning service will take these things into consideration.

Human and animal fecal matter

A hoarder’s house will have to be infested with vermins like rats and mice. These rodents will have their droppings right there. The hoarder himself may have had issues with his toilet and since most hoarders live in seclusion, there is a very high likelihood of fecal matter in the house. This should be dealt with the care it deserves. This is because a fecal matter is a good reservoir of harmful bacteria which can be disease causing. Using an Ottawahoarding cleanup will ensure that items such as these are neutralized in a safe manner.

Insects and mites

Fleas, lice, and flies are some of the insects and bugs that you will find in some hoarders’ houses. These are harmful and care should be made to avoid them as much as possible not to get into contact with them or to carry some of them on work clothes after the job is done. Check out Ottawa hoarding cleaning at to learn more about the best methods to disinfect a home from insects and mites.

Medication and other chemicals

Expired medicine and chemicals lying around are hazards unto themselves. This is because expired or exposed chemicals are not the same as they were when they were hoarded. During the cleanup, a spill or mixing of these chemicals could have grave consequences. This is the reality that cleaning staff face and the right caution should be observed at all times.

Pets and vermin

The hoarder may have some pets with them and if they are not well taken care of, they may have mites on them or they themselves could be aggressive towards intruders. A bite from rabies infested rodent or pet is a real possibility. Necessary caution should be observed on this as well.

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